Born in January 1952

Son of Annie and Tony too.

An older brother to Brian and Chris

A special man we’ll truly miss.


A loyal friend and one of the lads.

Protective like one of their Dad’s.

“Toothy” was your given nickname

Without you, it won’t be the same.


In July 1976, Ah Cheok became your wife,

Best friend, soul mate and love of your life.

Together for over 40 years

Sharing joy, sadness, laughter and tears.


In the Eighties your family grew,

First with me, then Paul too.

The best Dad we could ever ask for

And a Grandad the twins will always adore.


You gave us family holidays to Lanzarote

A trip round the world and a few to Disney.

Our provider, protector and advisor too

Our hearts break saying goodbye to you.


Creative in the kitchen and behind a lens

You loved a good party with family and friends.

Famous for your ribs and fish pie

A bread and butter pudding, no one could deny.


A lover of art, film and music too

The biggest Beatles’ fan we ever knew.

A fan of football and Everton FC

Politics and horse racing also took your fancy.


You filled the garden with fish and flowers

And could watch the birds for hours and hours.

You took afternoon naps in your favorite chair

It feels empty now without you there.


Your bark was always worse than your bite,

And you always inspired us to fight not flight.

Your fight with the “Smurfs” was sadly not won,

And our pain from this loss has only begun.


We’ll toast to your memory with a Brandy or Gin

And together we’ll find strength from within.

We’ll say goodbye, and although we’re sad

We’ll never forget you and we’ll always love you Dad.



















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