15 Noteworthy Notions of 2015.


For me 2015 was a year of shock, sadness and strength. It was a year that taught me perspective and encouraged me to stay strong.  I’ve spent the first week of this new year reflecting on the unexpected wisdom of 2015 and believe there are 15 notions worth noting.

  1. Nothing lasts forever.
  2. Parents grow old.
  3. Children grow up.
  4. Time is priceless.
  5. Perfection is deceitful.
  6. Guilt consumes.
  7. Depression lingers.
  8. Cancer is indiscriminate.
  9. Inequality exists.
  10. Perseverance pays.
  11. Surviving isn’t living.
  12. False friends flee the dark.
  13. True friends carry a candle.
  14. Family is fragile.
  15. Motherhood strengthens.




2 thoughts on “15 Noteworthy Notions of 2015.

  1. Some very good points there. A few of them seem to indicate that your 2015 is how my 2016 is looking to go; my dad has terminal cancer that is unlikely to last more than a year.
    I hope your 2016 is better than 2015!

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