Without You

Tight tummy and flawless skin,
No marks from life that lived within.

Nights out and beauty sleep,
No midnight cries for love so deep.

Luxury holidays and shopping sprees,
No priceless first discoveries.

Spotless house and clean car,
No imprints of a shining star.

Romantic plans and timely arrival,
No endless surprises Christmas could rival.

Fine dining and leisurely tea,
No feeding innocence and curiosity.

Hot baths and lazy days,
No witness to life’s youthful phase.

Peace, quiet and time alone,
No saviour from a life outgrown.


16 thoughts on “Without You

  1. Simply stunning and beautifully written 🙂 I particularly liked the first two lines. I’m guessing you are a fairly new blogger? I’m looking forward to seeing more of your poetry. Thanks for linking to Prose for Thought xx

  2. Beautiful words summing up the very essence of motherhood. Some of the lines just tugged at my heartstrings. Life within, love so deep… #Prose4Thought (Rambling Through Parenthood)

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